A Website Service
Built for Your Downtown

Custom Website Design, Incredible Standard Features, &
Unsurpassed Customer Service

You need to communicate with residents, businesses and investors.
The Civic Clarity Website Service makes it easy.

Standard Features
For Your DDA Civic Clarity Website

Communication with Residents & Businesses
Made Easier

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Business Directory

  • Directory of Available Property to Lease/Purchase

  • Calendar for Meetings / Events

  • Quick Push to FB/Twitter

  • Customizable Contact Us Form

  • Staff Directory Table & Cards

  • FAQs Page and Sidebars

  • Search Bar

  • Announcements with Archive

Features to Ensure Ease-of-Use
for Editors

  • Image Library Folders

  • Easy Upload & Placement Of Documents

  • Recurring/Cancel Events

  • Front End Editor

  • Help by Screen Share/ Phone/ Email/ Video/ Knowledge Base

  • Content Expiration Capable for RFPs and similar

Flexibility of Design to
Grow with Your Needs

  • Design Refresh After Every Third Year

  • Unlimited Page Creation

  • Mobile Edit Capable

  • Over 100 Design Modules

  • On-Page Design

  • Online Form Library

  • ADA Accessibility Review at Launch

  • Website Analytics Embedded Within Website

Backend Built to Keep Website
Up & Running

  • Reliable Hosting in Secure Data Centers

  • Maintenance Included

  • Local & Remote Backups

  • SSL Security Certificate

  • Cloud Based

  • Zero Software Purchases

  • Firewall and Malware Scans

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Spam Blocking For Online Forms

Add-On Features


People can sign up on your website to receive automatic emails from you when you post specific new content on your website. Your residents and visitors love to be kept in the loop automatically. (Used with third party service.)

Department Editors

Our standard service allows an editor access to ANY page or post. A by-page editor is restricted to specific page(s) and post categories. This feature is used when an organization needs to have separation between sections of the website.

ADA Accessibility Reviews

Following industry standards, we review your website against WCAG 2.1AA guideline errors and every attempt is made to score zero in the error category.  We also review additional benchmarks such as keyboard navigation, screen magnification experience.

Content Editing Assistance Packages

The service is intuitive to learn and most prefer to edit themselves.  But there are times when you need help.  We offer 4 maintenance packages:

Hourly, Monthly, Annually, and Documents.

Have a question about any of the features?  Give us a call.  We love to talk about our Civic Clarity Website Service.  248-684-8715

What Do Clients Say About Civic Clarity?

Left Quote

AccuNet continues to impress me with your prompt and thorough response to our requests. Your attention to customer service is greatly appreciated. Also, I want to say thank you for pointing out the areas we can improve on and for your offer of how to improve it. As I have said in the past, your attention to customer service is unmatched. I am so glad that Imlay City has secured your services!

Leah Mills, Admin Assistant, City of Imlay City

Left Quote

The Milford Downtown Development Authority contracted with AccuNet to create a website that would be user-friendly and that could easily accommodate ongoing internal updates. We are more than pleased with the results. The software is intuitively written, so it is very easy to navigate through projects.  We feel that the software allows us to be quite creative on our own, but for those times when we couldn’t find our way, AccuNet responded quickly, confidently and with the utmost professionalism. It has been a pleasurable experience.

Ann Barnette, DDA Director, Village of Milford, MI

Civic Clarity, a website service for
DDAs of all sizes


We deliver a stylish, up to date website.  Every client can refresh their website design at no fee every 3 years.


Civic Clarity designs for desktop and mobile screens so that your website always presents professionally.


We offer features you need, like calendars, document management, business directories, and search fields.


Website backend maintenance and security is part of the Civic Clarity service.


Our project managers help you organize your content for a smooth launch and can help you keep the website up to date as you need.


We train & support up to two website editors so that you can edit the website on your own. We even offer department editors and maintenance packages.


Website can be launched in a few weeks once all decisions on design and content are finalized.


Since 1996 we have offered client payment plans that are by month or year. You don't have to lock in to multi-year contracts.

How Quickly Can AccuNet Publish
Your New Civic Clarity Website?


While it's possible to launch in 3 weeks, most projects take closer to 12.

#23553 timeline

Use Civic Clarity for Ongoing Editing Needs

10 W

Even though Civic Clarity is quite intuitive to learn, some DDA directors appreciate out sourcing website editing.

Most edits occur within one business day.  If longer, you receive email notification of estimated time to complete.

11 W

Our standard billing is by the hour and sent out quarterly
or after $50 in charges accrue.  We can do the same
for you, or add a fixed editing fee to your monthly/annual invoice.  Let us know your preference.

Give us a call, or email, with any questions.


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Civic Clarity Website Service
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