No need to spend money on 3rd party document management systems

Document Library is

a Standard Feature

Document Library is a

Standard Feature

Strong search and easy to upload documents come standard.

2 Layouts

2 Pane & Inline Display

2 pane display, normally used on Document Library page only.

Inline display, with many options on how to display folders and documents.

Popular Meeting Document Display


Inside the Document
Library Module

Folder structure mirrors public display for ease in organization

Admin backend folders

Live website page

Add a document once. Have it display in multiple locations by placing in select folders .

document folder management

Every document has:

Document Analytics

POPULAR! View the number of times a document s downloaded to gauge community interest.

File Management

Replacing a file is as simple as clicking the Replace File link.

Verify Publish Date

Upload date is visible in backend for those times you need to verify when the document was made public.

Make Your Document Library a Complete Library

3 options of document display on live website
3 options to add to document library

You can add outside links (WEB) and create notes (NOTE) to give your residents one page where they can find any document or link they need.

Civic Clarity Website Service has

More Time Saving Features to Explore

  • Calendar

    Designed to use your color scheme.  Recurring and multiple date events are a breeze.  You can exclude and even CANCEL an event from a recurring event.  

  • Online Forms,
    Surveys & Polls

    Every website starts with a contact us and ADA complaint form. Unlimited number of forms can be created.

  • Search Field &
    Results Page

    Every website has a search field in the header to assist your residents in finding information.

  • Expire Content

    The RFP app will automatically stop posting your quote request on your listed end date.

  • ADA Accessibility

    Prior to every website's launch we review and correct ADA accessibility issues to meet
    WCAG 2.AAA guidelines.

  • Automatic Email

    Daily or immediate email sent to subscribers of your website announcements.