Tools to Help You Increase

Citizen Communication

and Government Transparency

Civic Clarity feature set

Editing Tools to Make Your Website Stand Out

We've spent over 20 years helping government clients create websites that communicate to their communities.  We've put together a service that gives you tools make information easily accessible to your residents, businesses, visitors and investors AND it is easy for your website editors to use.

Behind the Scenes

Civic Clarity® is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that combines high quality hosting, continuously updated software, 24/7/365 security, and maintenance. 

Add our outstanding customer service, and you can be assured that AccuNet supports you behind the scenes so that your website and online presence impress.

Civic Clarity SaaS platform

Backed by Experience

Civic Clarity® was created by AccuNet Web Services.

Since 1996 we have been working with Local Governments, Non-profits and Small Business.

Civic Clarity is more than a website

It is an integrated internet marketing system

What Comes Standard

  • Custom Website Design +Refresh!

    We create an Internet presence that showcases your unique downtown or municipality.  To keep your site fresh, every 3 years, your domain is eligible for a design refresh.

  • Unlimited Page Creation

    Create as many pages and posts as you need.

  • Document Central

    Publish your minutes, agendas or other documents in a browse-able and searchable document management system.

  • SEO by Page and Post

    Website editors can create browser titles and descriptions for any page and post throughout the website.

  • Contact Us Form

    All our forms have honeypot validation to cut down on spam. Need your contact form to send to different departments based on subject? Consider it done.

  • Multiple levels of Website Editors

    You can use two different levels of editing privileges, for added control of your back end.

  • Backend Maintenance

    Reliable hosting, nightly remote backups, and regular maintenance are included in our monthly service.

  • Analytics

    We embed Google Analytics and Search Console tools if desired as part of set up. You then have the ability to analyze and edit your website based on solid data.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your website is built on a responsive platform that is inherently mobile friendly. Just make this screen narrower to see what we mean!

  • Training

    Personal training utilizing a screen sharing service can occur once the graphic design is implemented into the service, or later when you decide you want to learn.

  • Calendar

    A beautiful calendar that uses your color scheme.  Recurring and multiple date events are a breeze.  Add images to your events to help them pop out and grab your audience's attention.

  • In-Page Style Options

    You have over 100 modules for creative display of your content and images at your fingertips. We train you how to edit and add modules.

  • Search Bar

    Visitors can search through pages, PDFs, announcements, and calendar events.

  • SSL Secure

    Your website will have the https level of security. Based on the browser your viewer is using, they will see a secure symbol on all website pages.

  • ADA Compliance

    We test your pages as we create them against W3C 2.0A guidelines in an effort to be as accessible as possible.  Your website comes with an ADA Compliance page with suggested beginning content and a form for the public to use.  

  • Auto Push to Social Media

    No longer do you need to double/triple post the same content to get it into multiple communication channels. With Social Media push all your valuable SEO content is on your website and easily pushed to Facebook and Twitter.

Add-On* Features


People can sign up on your website to receive automatic emails from you when you post specific new content on your website. Your residents and visitors love to be kept in the loop automatically.

By-page Editors

Our standard service allows an editor access to ANY page or post. A by-page editor is restricted to specific page(s) and post categories. This feature is used when an organization needs to have separation between sections of the website.


Our directory offering allows you to showcase featured businesses, color code map icons, create customized categories, show Google maps, and more. You can also create a second directory of Available Properties.

*These features have an extra annual fee.

Contract Us as You Need Us

In-Page Design

In-page design starts where website graphics ends. It is used on key pages within your website where you really want to present a marketing message.

We offer dozens of in-page styling options to create your sales story including color bands, headings, page title images, in-page sliders, etc. We help you create a
strong sales message by making your message pop.

Content Creation & Image Selection

Our staff can take your brochure, sales material or phone interview and create a sales or information oriented website with your target market in mind.

Impactful images are vital to a strong website appearance. Sometimes you own the images in the correct resolution for your website, sometimes you don't. We can research professional images or edit your owned images.

Online Form Development

One form, a contact form is included in our standard service.

Want to gather more input or feedback than your first form can handle? 

We can create more forms for you, or give you the tools to create them yourself.

We quote these services using our Civic Clarity® hourly fee service discount.