Another High Value Standard Feature Available with Civic Clarity® Website Service

Save Time Publishing Meetings & Events

Add an event or meeting once and it can be
displayed throughout your website.

laptop and mobile

4 Additional Unique Layouts

All Customizable

four unique layouts


Inside the Calendar Module

Creating an event is quick and easy.

Title, date and time must be added to every event.

transparent date and time

Make your event pop by adding images, an event description, and a street address that generates a map.

to round featured image market
crop edit description market basic
rounded location market

Making an event recur over time is easy too!

  • Recurring events save you a lot of time when inputting multiple date events
  • You can customize text for a specific date in the recurring event series.
  • You can add documents and images to a specific date too!
edit repeating check mark

Two Popular Recurring Use Cases

#1: Monthly Board Meetings

board ordinal recurring c

Add appropriate documents specific to the coming meeting.

board calendar single snippet

Time Saving Feature - Show Canceled Event on Calendar

edit cancel event
edit cancel on grid

#2: Weekly Farmers' Market

(and other festivals and concert series)

edit weeky farmers market
edit dec event back end
edit farmers market dec event

A Great Way to Generate Excitement Around an Event - Use Social Media


Offer quick push social media icons to promote sharing of the event with others. A great way to generate excitement surrounding the event!

2 Views in the Backend

We give you options on how to view your events in the back end.

  • 1 Sometimes you need to see a monthly grid to make sure you've added all events in a month.
  • 2 Sometimes you need to view events in a list format.
snapshot 5
Our Calendar App is one of the many easy-to-use, time-saving features of Civic Clarity®

Civic Clarity Website Service is

Feature Rich. Competitively Priced.

  • Document Library

    Use the document search field to find content of interest.  Upload the document once and it can be assigned to multiple folders.  These folders can be added to pages as needed.

  • Search Field &
    Results Page

    Every website has a search field in the header to assist your residents in finding information.

  • ADA Accessibility

    Prior to every website's launch we review and correct ADA accessibility issues to meet
    WCAG 2.AAA guidelines.

  • Website Design Refresh

    We'll refresh your website design every three years as part of your service, no extra fee.

  • Online Forms, Surveys
    & Polls

    Every website starts with a contact us and ADA complaint form. Unlimited number of forms can be created.

  • Expire Content

    The RFP app will automatically stop posting your quote request on your listed end date.

  • Automatic Email

    Daily or immediate email sent to subscribers of your website announcements. 

  • Embedded Analytics

    View key data regarding pages viewed, device types used, browsers, and incoming links.