Another High Value Feature Available with Civic Clarity® Website Service

Civic Clarity Directory

Promote your businesses with hover pop out map pin, main directory page with categories, & each business has there own marketing page.

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Promote Your Businesses

Website Home Page

Display businesses on your home page with a map and category listing

directory home page map
website home page directory category listing
full directory page

Website Directory Page

Multiple layout options for your directory.  Here we show logo and phone number, but you can choose what you want to display in the listing page.

Add Logos!

directory with logos

Each Business Has Their Own Detail Page

Only content filled out will be displayed.  This allows the businesses to their preferred contact information and description.

800 2nd hand resale

Change a Listing
to Be an Available Property

Edit One Field

listing type

That's all you have to do to move a property from the Business Directory to the Available Property page!

avail property page

Want to Promote a Business Sector?

dining downtown

Choose a Category
of the Directory

Add a business into your directory once and it can display in multiple locations, based on the pages you create.

industrial park page

Civic Clarity Website Service is

Feature Rich. Competitively Priced.

  • Document Library

    Use the document search field to find content of interest.  Upload the document once and it can be assigned to multiple folders.  These folders can be added to pages as needed.

  • Search Field &
    Results Page

    Every website has a search field in the header to assist your residents in finding information.

  • ADA Accessibility

    Prior to every website's launch we review and correct ADA accessibility issues to meet
    WCAG 2.AAA guidelines.

  • Website Design Refresh

    We'll refresh your website design every three years as part of your service, no extra fee.

  • Embedded Analytics

    View key data regarding pages viewed, device types used, browsers, and incoming links.

  • Calendar

    Recurring and multiple date events are a breeze.  You can exclude and even CANCEL an event from a recurring event. 

  • Online Forms, Surveys
    & Polls

    Every website starts with a contact us and ADA complaint form. Unlimited number of forms can be created.

  • Expire Content

    The RFP app will automatically stop posting your quote request on your listed end date.

  • Automatic Email

    Daily or immediate email sent to subscribers of your website announcements.