Website Form Spam Settings Upgrade

spam filter upgrade


Earlier in the spring we received reports from a few customers that messages from their online forms were landing in the websites form’s spam folder and not being emailed to them. After working with our spam security service vendor to troubleshoot the issue we decided we needed to upgrade to a different provider. We have completed testing and implementation of our solution and are happy to report that the previously growing false positives has now virtually disappeared.

What is a false positive?
This is a message that someone fills out on a form of your website’s, submits, and you never receive it. Instead, it is falsely identified as spam, and moved into the form’s spam folder for review.

Does this mean I do not need to log into my website to check the online form spam folder?
No. This task is still recommended and necessary. Although the spam security filter is robust, good messages might be caught in the spam folder and you don’t want to miss them. Another reason to check this folder regularly is because the spam folders for your online forms are cleaned out each week of any messages older than 30 days.

We understand how vital it is to protect your website from unwanted submissions and ensure that your online forms remain reliable and effective. With this upgraded spam filter in place, you can rest assured that your forms are further fortified against spam, fraudulent entries, and other malicious activities. We are committed to providing you with the best possible user experience, and this enhancement is just another step towards that goal. Thank you for choosing our services, and we are delighted to offer you this added layer of protection.