AccuNet creates thoughtful, attractive designs with the ability for in-page design.
Civic Clarity assists your staff by migrating and adding your website content before you launch.

Starting Point: Your Design

Home Page

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Inside Page Top Header

We design a home page that is slightly different than the inside pages due to current style trends and the fact that the home page is more of a summary of current activity.

Adding Your Content - Made Easy

AccuNet works with you to organize and move your existing content prior to launch.  Civic Clarity is a robust service with many embedded features.  We've highlighted some of the main ones below.

A beautiful calendar that uses your color scheme.  Recurring and multiple date events are a breeze.  You can exclude and even CANCEL an event from a recurring event.  Add images to your events to help them pop out and grab your audience's attention.

View calendar example

Civic Clarity Behind the Scenes

Civic Clarity is more than a website design house.  It is a complete service.  Your annual fee pays for a lot more than a website design.

Back End Security & Maintenance

Reliable hosting housed in modern, secure data centers. Maintenance includes 24/7 website monitoring, hourly local backups, and nightly remote website backups and software maintenance. Multiple layers of security with firewalls, malware and spam protection.

Image Library Folders

No more hunting through hundreds of images.  Our library allows you to create as many folders as you need to
organize your images.  We set you up with a folder for every page to get you started.

SEO by Page and Post

Website editors can create browser titles and descriptions for any page, post, and calendar events throughout the website.  These titles and descriptions tend to be used by search engines in their search results pages.

Custom Website Design +Refresh!

We create an Internet presence that showcases your unique downtown or municipality.  To help keep your site up to date, your website is eligible for a design refresh after every three years.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive website fits mobile device screens. 
Tablets are converted to mobile design in standard set up.  Design specific to tablets is available under contracted options.


AccuNet launches your Civic Clarity website with content on every page.  As time moves forward you may want to create a new page or reorganize an old one.  You are able to add columns, rows, make content full width or fixed with easy to learn drag 'n drop module placement.  Beyond the 6 most populare modules that everyone uses; we offer 150 more for further specialization and customization.

Unlimited Page Creation

Create as many pages as you need.  Civic Clarity does not place an artificial page limit on the website. (There is a point where the storage size is limited, but we've never had a client reach it!)

ADA Accessibility Review

We test your pages as we create them against WCAG 2.0AA guidelines in an effort to be as accessible as possible.  Your website comes with an ADA Compliance page with suggested beginning content and a form for the public to use.
More about ADA accessibility.

Customer Support When You Need It

We are available by phone, screen sharing help, email, and online help articles and short videos.  While our phone support is always open 9a -5p EST, we are available before or after hours, including weekend with notice.

This helps all our clients get the level of help they need, when they need it.

Since 1996 customer support has been a strong point of difference between us and the rest of the industry.  View a few of our reviews to get a feeling for how important your needs are to us.

The Playground

AccuNet tests out ideas and solutions at our demonstration website located at

The 6 website designs you see here are design concepts we tend to start with when creating a new design.  Here you can see 4 government websites and 2 DDA sites using different design elements for the same content.  It helps you see how important colors, fonts and a few display styles are when customizing your website.